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I personally enjoy Inspirations Salon & Spa because of the professional atmosphere and experience. Every time I leave I feel as though I’ve received an exceptional cut and style. I will continue to be a loyal client for years to come.
Tammy K.

Wow! Where do I start, there are so many good things I can say about Inspirations. For starters, I love the way everybody in the salon is so friendly and they all acknowledge you when you walk in the door. The place is always so clean and neat. I started going there because one of my clients goes there and every time I would see her hair it always looked great! I asked her who did her hair and she said Sue at Inspirations. I have a lot of friends that cut hair, but I wanted to be treated like a real client not like another stylist. I wanted to be pampered, feel what clients feel, see what clients look for when you walk in a salon and I have to say Inspirations Salon and Spa is one of the best in town.

I love the way Sue cuts my hair. It’s always perfect. I have always worn my hair very long but never had the courage to cut it this short till I met Sue. I have always wanted a neat short hairstyle but I never had the trust that I have with Sue. Another thing that helps is to go on a regular basis so the stylist gets to know your hair. Since I changed my hair everybody would ask what does your husband think? Just to let everybody know he loves it, it has rekindled our relationship. Thanks Sue we needed that!
Luz P.

Since selecting Ann as my hair stylist I could not be happier. She knows what hair styles work with different facial shapes and she works with me so that I understand how to style my hair so that I like it.

In the "Your Personal Hair Stylist At Home" DVD, Ann shares how to use a flat iron by sectioning your hair starting from underneath and taking manageable sections and spraying a thermal protector on each section. I knew how to flat iron my hair before, but by using the sectioning Ann shows in the DVD I can do it much quicker and I don"t have to keep going over the sections to get my hair sleek and smooth. By watching the DVD I have learned a lot of great tips for styling my hair that I didn't know before. Keep up the great work!
Laura S.

I started going to Inspirations a year ago. I was referred by my sister. She had great hair and was constantly getting asked "Who cuts your hair?". I had been going to the same stylist and needed a change. When I would tell her what I wanted, I would never get it.

At my first appointment with Sue, she took the time to see what I liked and didn't. Now when I go out, I get the "Who cuts your hair?" question. Sue not only changed the style and color, but she showed me how to style my hair at home and what products to use to keep my hair looking like it did when I left the salon. Thank you Sue.
Danielle G.

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